Your Path to Food Freedom

Helping women break free of self-imposed food rules and provide weight-inclusive care for all body types. Join the growing rebellion against cultural obsession with thinness.

Imagine what you could achieve if you ….

If you are ready to achieve food freedom and gain control of your body image so you can have the energy and self-confidence to experience life with true vitality and purpose then you are in the right place. I will help you get to the root cause of why you are not able to lose weight for good through discovering your mind/body connection in order to create a tailor-made, customized lifestyle program specific to your unique needs.

So here you are.....

jumping from one diet to another, hoping to find an answer, only to fall short, again, and you are left guessing what foods you need to get your metabolism running.


Are you sick of spending hours self-diagnosing your weight loss program, joining support groups on social media to try to figure out what the best diet plan is for you?


Do you feel abandoned by mainstream medical teams? They tell you to join the same weight loss program, again or prescribe weight loss drugs that only give you a temporary “victory” if at all.

I do weight management differently

Introducing our Food is Strength Program

A no nonsense approach, nothing but the truth nutrition support for strong and fierce women who want to put an end to weight-cycling and improve self-confidence to experience life with true vitality and purpose.

What to expect from the program...

Using empowered questions, reiki, meditation and mindfulness, I help my clients realize their untapped potential and own the solutions to their problems. This helps to build motivation, self-confidence and sustainability in maintaining lifestyle changes long-term.

Women who complete my program will:

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