ATMA PREMA (self-love)


Together, we have wisdom. Together we can empower each other. Together we can create a community to support our physical and spiritual healing.

Let's Find and Create your Tribe

Our drive for connection with others is universal and a fundamental part of human existence. 

Making behavior changes is hard and having a solid support system is crucial to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

My mission is to bring a sense of community back to a world where digital communication has become the norm.

How to Create a Lifestyle to Support Atma Prema (self -love)
Body Positivity Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Because there is more to life than worrying about weight loss. Are you ready to experience it?

Community is all about connection and unity. One person’s strengths can support another person’s weaknesses. Cultivating a sense of connection within a community can improve our well-being and it is within others we can see ourselves clearly.

My vision for groups classes is to get you outside your comfort zone, to not only just build a community, but create a tribe that will support you long after our time together ends.

My classes also incorporate Reiki and meditation to further enhance the healing and self-discovery process.


What to Expect From Class Each Week

Celebrate the Small Things

Our tribe will create an environment where everyone feels safe and supported. We will start class by celebrating your wins. We learn to practice gratitude for the small wins because those are the big things.

explore yourself. Expand your Mind. Be curious.

Each class will center around a topic of discussion in categories such as ancient healing practices, personal development,  stress management, nourishment to balance your energy systems, meal planning strategies, time management hacks and so much more. Classes lead by a subject matter expert can help you navigate through the weeds to keep you informed and on track with your health goals.

Every class will incorporate a short meditation and group Reiki session. Experiencing Reiki in a group setting can be a very eye-opening experience. It provides an extra layer of healing energy, which can be very beneficial to increase motivation and help you through times when you feel like giving up.

listen to your body. trust yourself. focus on the feeling

At the end of class, we will work together to determine a habit goal, challenge or self-discovery exercise that will keep you motivated and engaged through our time together. It will also help you avoid any potential plateaus or boredom along your journey. The goal is to help you develop the skills that you need to not only achieve your weight loss goals, but maintain them long after our time together ends.

Build your tribe and practice community

Starting on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment is not always easy. When you join a tribe or practice community, you connect with other individuals who share similar goals. This can help you stay motivated and accountable during your weight loss journey.

Group Class Details

Class starts: Wednesday, July 12 – Wednesday, October 4

Class Time: 6:00P – 7:00P

Location: Beyond Mindful Counseling and Wellness 169 W. Clarkston Rd, Lake Orion, MI 48326

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