Together, we have wisdom. Together we can empower each other. Together we can create a community to support our physical and spiritual healing.

Let's Find and Create your Tribe

Our drive for connection with others is universal and a fundamental part of human existence. 

Making behavior changes is hard and having a solid support system is crucial to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

My mission is to bring a sense of community back to a world where digital communication has become the norm.

Body Positive Nutrition Classes for Adults and Kids
Coming Soon.........

Because there is more to life than worrying about weight loss. Are you ready to experience it?

Community is all about connection and unity. One person’s strengths can support another person’s weaknesses. My vision for groups classes is not only to build a community, but create a tribe that will support you and your family as long as you need it.

…And let’s face it, getting our youth to eat well on a daily basis presents some unique challenges. Family meals can seem more like a battleground filled with negotiations inside of a calming bonding opportunity. My goal is to provide a supportive environment to help make adopting a healthier lifestyle fun for all ages.


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