My Story

Hi, I’m Erin Dunny and I’m a former foodaholic. You know the type, the popular girl’s fat friend lacking self-confidence and hiding in the shadows. Yup, that’s me. I’ve been known to crush a whole tub of frosting in my day after a long, stressful day. Ideas of Pop Tarts, Butter Fingers and Crunch Wrap Supremes danced through my head often.

Heck, my first degree wasn’t even in nutrition, it was in Communications.

Then, I learned what it meant to truly suffer. I have battled a binge eating disorder, chronic pain due to degenerative disc disease, IBS , anxiety and severe depression. More recently, I have endured seeing my preschool son suffer from a severe stomach flu leaving him sick for weeks.  I have struggled from long-COVID, unable to take care of my family for months. My heart was broken after the unexpected loss of a truly beloved pet. 

So why work with me? Because I’ve been there and I'm here to support you.

Why I do What I do...

As I reflect on my life journey, there are certain challenges that I have overcame that shaped me into the person I am today. I chose to carry my “luggage” with me as a constant reminder on how valuable your physical body truly is. Through my experience, I learned that when you are feeling great on the inside, you have more energy and self-confidence to go out into the world and follow your dreams. I believe we all are a light to this world, we just need to have the physical and mental resilience to let it shine.

My Values and Beliefs


Helping support women’s independence and give them the space to cultivate their own inner strength to tell their story


Always keep an open mind to new possibilities and following the science


Creating plans that are applicable to daily life and personalized to an individual’s unique body chemistry and lifestyle


Partnering with people to build relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, and unbiased honesty

My Qualifications

I have a Bach. Science degree in Dietetics and completed certifications in the following areas:


My Approach

Growing up with my own set up health issues, I have seen numerous dietitians and trainers. All provided me with standard protocols, meal plans, grocery lists and educational handouts. The problem is every person has different life experiences, personalities, wants, needs and attitudes about change and trying new things. There is a lot of health information out there, so my job is to help you navigate through the weeds and create an action plan with a clear, personalized strategy to work through your weight management concerns step-by-step.

Three things I cannot live without

My morning meditation

Coffee (Lions Main/Fosters Coffee)

My weighted blanket

How working with me can help you

While starting a new lifestyle program can be exciting at first, it requires time, energy and consistency to be successful long – term. During our sessions, I partner with you to set specific habit goals and ensure you are leaving 100% confident executing any task between appointments. My role is to offer accountability and help to guide and facilitate, but at the end of the day, I am not “the boss” and you will have the autonomy to create a lifestyle strategy and structure that makes sense for you so you are not feeling overwhelmed and stressed when the newness of the program wears off.

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